Adoption accounts for less than 1% of ministry to orphan children. We are working to change that because we believe that adoption should be the predominant form of ministry to orphan children. No matter how much we love and care for them in institutions, they are still orphans.

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Regardless of whether we view adoption as ministry, or simply a way to build a family, adoption can bring God's love to orphan children by living example, and provides the fertile soil where the gospel can take root and thrive.

After 12 years of marriage and 2 amazing little boys we are going to adopt a little girl! We've prayed and saved for its time! Adoption can be expensive. We'd love your help in giving a little girl a loving home. No amount is too small.

Hungerfords Adopt a Girl!

Our goal is to raise enough money to pay for legal fees, birth mother counseling and agency fees. $30,000

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We are a non profit Orphan Care Organization assisting adoptive families with financial grants for adoption expense. We have Global Orphan partnerships in Ethiopia, Guatemala and Honduras. Our goal is to step in to the Global Orphan Crisis and be the positive change that helps transform the lives of orphan children world wide. MISSION: To help children from hurt places. We accomplish this mission through connecting, encouraging, and equipping our local church to be a part of the solution to the global orphan crisis. The number of children affected by the global orphan crisis is staggering. Around the world as many as 200 million orphans are growing up on the streets, in orphanages, in refugee camps without a family. We believe that if our children have access to basic needs, a good education, a loving family and opportunity to grow into their God given potential, then every child in the world SHOULD have those things available to them. We believe something should and could be done about the global orphan crisis and we choose to be part of the solution. There are many ways to be a part of the solution to the global orphan crisis. For our community, we are caring for Orphans & Vulnerable Children through Adoption, Foster Care, Safe Families, Child Sponsorship, and Abolition of Child Trafficking. Through this multi-faceted, holistic approach to the global orphan crisis, we believe we will see the orphans of today become the leaders of tomorrow and communities around the world transformed.

Love Made Visible

1. With your support raise funds to support 10-15 families with their international adoption expenses annually. 2. Develop restoration programs in Ethiopia, Guatemala and Honduras and Cambodia. 3. Develop Foster Care wrap around programs here locally in Central Florida. 4. Recruit future Adoptive and Foster Care families in order to provide a loving home to vulnerable children in Central Florida.

Since 1972, the Center has helped to find adoptive families for more than 23,000 U.S. children and helped countless families through the adoption process.

National Adoption Center

The National Adoption Center expands adoption opportunities for children living in foster care throughout the United States, and is a resource to families and to agencies who seek the permanency of caring homes for children.

National Council For Adoption (NCFA) is an adoption advocacy nonprofit that promotes a culture of adoption through education, research, and legislative action.

National Council For Adoption

Our areas of focus are infant adoption, adoption out of foster care, and intercountry adoption. Passionately committed to the belief that every child deserves a nurturing, permanent family. We serve children ,birthparents, adoptive families, adoption agencies, U.S. and foreign governments, policymakers, media, and the general public as the authoritative voice for adoption.

Orphanage for Girls Prince of Peace in now in it’s 25th year as a home! God had granted the Home great favor and we all feel a special responsibility to insure the girls have every opportunity to grow into productive Guatemalan citizens. Our goal is to provide all the tools possible, education, counseling and the opportunity for our girls to get a job when they leave the home. The home is somewhat unique in that we have a full time education director, psychologist and social worker to teach, promote healing and provide a safe, loving environment. MISSION: To provide a safe refuge where each girl may: *Receive spiritual, physical, educational, and emotional support *Experience the unconditional love of God *Develop self-respect and respect for others VISION: To introduce each girl to a personal, saving relationship in Jesus Christ and to facilitate their spiritual growth toward full devotion toward being on mission with God.

Prince Of Peace GT

Make a donation - The Home runs solely off contributions from generous donors. Sponsor a girl - for $35 month you can change a life. Whatever you can do to help please know that it is appreciated and without your help and support, the wonderful sanctuary these girls have will not exist. Time is of the essence, start planning today and make a difference in the life of a girl in Guatemala! If you have questions regarding giving or wish to receive more information, please send your request to: All donations are tax deductible.