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Life Management Skills Program Expansion

The Amer-I-Can Foundation


Goals & Objectives

We believe that the failure in personal development and the lack of self-esteem are the root causes of the aforementioned problems that plague our society today. We believe that by enlarging the scope of individual lives, by introducing them to self-determination techniques, by motivating them with goals, by showing them how to improve and achieve success and financial stability, we will save lives that now seem to be lost. The journey to successful completion of a goal represents the heart of the Amer-I-Can Program. It is the path and the understanding of each step along that path that is the backbone and structural foundation upon which our program solidly rests. Success is not only for the elite, well-educated, and the wealthy. Success is there for those who want it, plan for it, and take action to achieve it. The Amer-I-Can Program will help participants develop their attitude from one of self-doubt to self-determination. We believe that in addition to understanding the goal-setting process, a person must honestly examine the whys and wherefores of past behavior patterns that have negatively affected their life. Once this understanding has been firmly established, the person will be able to change their thing from “I Can’t” to “I-Can,” by accepting the responsibility of determining the direction of their life.To expand programming in our current national markets.

Our Story

Amer-I-Can is a national program and movement, created by NFL great Jim Brown, to empower individuals to take charge of their lives and achieve their full potential.