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The Hoff Family Healing Project!

Goals & Objectives

100k GOAL FOR THE HOFF FAMILY CANCER FIGHT! Last year Christian Hoff shared with us about a leukemia relapse for his youngest daughter Ella. She fought her first battle for three years as her mother Melissa was overcoming breast cancer. Now, her chemotherapy is challenging but the latest bone marrow test shows no new leukemia activity. UNBELIEVABLY, cancer has struck the Hoff family again. Ella is now fighting alongside her dad! Christian was diagnosed with the bone cancer Multiple Myeloma. He is recovering from a stem cell transplant currently and will remain in ongoing treatment. HOFF FAMILY NEEDS! Providing and caring for the family is a major concern. With Christian not able to tour or perform as before, there will be little to no income and ongoing cancer costs. HOFF FAMILY HELP! You can help our "Friends of the Hoffs" campaign become a giant gift of hope for Christian and the Hoff family for their "Healing Journey". The service is free to you and your gift will directly aid The Hoffs. As Christian has his focus on surviving and thriving, we can help the whole family do the same. Please join us now and share this story to help grow great love for this family and reach our initial goal of 100k! ~ Friends of the Hoff Family

Our Story

Christian Hoff’s daughter Ella’s leukemia relapsed after six years of remission. She’s in her second year of treatment now and staying strong. As unbelievable as it sounds, after seeing his wife and daughter through cancer battles, Christian himself is facing a terminal bone marrow cancer called Multiple Myeloma. He has had a successful stem cell transplant and is in full recovery mode. They are now both in care at Duke Cancer Center. As Jim Valvano’s words remind us all, our commitment remains to “Never Give Up, Don’t Ever Give Up” in our fight against cancer!