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Enrich Missions Nutrition Program

Enrich Missions


Goals & Objectives

Our goal is raise funds to continue to add children to the Nutrition Program. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays we provide a hot, balanced meal to over 120 students + a multivitamin. We are constantly partnering with more public schools and more schools means more kids, and more success stories. Our daily average budget is U$80.

Our Story

70% of public school children in Nicaragua will drop out of school before graduating 6th grade. This is largely due to the extreme poverty families endure in the rural areas. Enrich Missions helps impoverished students in rural Nicaragua reach their full potential. Many times, this means providing a hot meal and vitamin. As part of our program, Enrich Missions provides a well balanced, high quality meal to at risk students. Far from standard rice and beans, menus include fish tacos, hamburger sliders, vegetable chowder, and soy burritos. With ingredients locally sourced and fair traded, we're making an impact in our neighborhood in Nicaragua. To continue enriching the lives of students, Enrich Missions coordinates students from the local university to tutor young impoverished students in the barrio Sur Maria Romero. We also provide uniforms, school materials, medicine, and youth activities. Everything a student needs to excel, and break the cycle of poverty. #iEnrich