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Nourishing Community

Coastal Roots Farm


About the Farm

Coastal Roots Farm is a nonprofit Jewish community farm and education center where we practice organic farming, share our harvest with those who lack access, deliver unique farm-based, environmental education, and foster inclusive spaces for people of all ages and backgrounds to come together to learn about food, farming, and Jewish tradition, and engage in ways that catalyze a healthier, more vibrant community and a more sustainable future for our region. The Farm is located in Encinitas, California, on land we recognize as indigenous to the Kumeyaay and Luiseño peoples. Each year, the Farm grows 80,000+ pounds of fresh, organic food for more than 30,000 people including more than 70% which gets donated to community members in need. Additionally, we reach more than 12,000 community members through programs and events. This is how we "Nourish Community."

Our Work

Central to the Farm’s work is our commitment to reducing community hunger by growing and distributing fresh, organic produce and eggs to those most marginalized, inspiring environmental stewardship through high-quality farm-based educational programming for youth and adults, and fostering a healthier, more vibrant, and inclusive community and a more sustainable future for our region. Read more about who we serve.

Our Impact

Since our inception in 2014, the Farm has:
  • Grown and distributed more than 400,000 pounds of organic produce and eggs for nearly 300,000 people.
  • Welcomed more than 20,000 youth for educational programming, including more than half on scholarship.
  • Engaged nearly 60,000 people of all ages through accessible, inclusive, and intergenerational community programs and events.
  • Diverted more than 6 million pounds of waste from the landfill through composting and turned it into nutrient-dense soil.