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Sensory Processing Alliance Inc

Sensory Processing Alliance Inc


Goals & Objectives

The Sensory Processing Alliance has four main areas we work in: The first is support. The thing heard most from parents of children with SPD is that they feel isolated by it. It’s hard for friends and family to understand what SPD is and what the family is going through. SPA aims to support these families by connecting them to each other through online and in-person support groups. Children with SPD also need to know that they are not alone and there are other children out there just like them. The second area we work in is awareness. It’s one thing to have people in your situation understand you, but it’s another for the community at large to be able to understand and support you. Children with SPD are frequently misunderstood and their feelings are brushed off as an exaggeration. We offer free presentations to educators, health care professionals, and all groups that work with children who may have SPD. These presentations teach about what SPD is and how to work with someone who has it. The third area we work in is resources. There are so many great tools out there to help people with SPD to get through their day to day lives. Little things that can make a big difference. We provide free assistive materials to people with SPD and those who work with them. If a teacher finds that they need something like a weighted vest for a student, but the school can not provide it, that’s where we come in. The fourth is research. There is still so much to learn about SPD and how we can help those with it. Not only do we share the latest research and its applications, but we also fund it. If we are truly going to provide support and understanding then we need to know as much as we can about SPD and how it works. A portion of the funds we raise will be made available to those groups that are researching the causes and treatments of SPD.

Our Story

The mission of Sensory Processing Alliance is to provide support and understanding of Sensory Processing Disorderand those affected by it, through the sharing of information and resources.