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Rescue Orphans In Ukraine With Mission 823

Mission 823, Inc


Goals & Objectives

At Risk Kids In Eastern Europe/Ukraine: $20/month x 500 partners meets our goal! ???????Children that fall into multiple life and situational categories are vulnerable to illness, trauma, hopelessness and exploitation that will permanently damage or hinder them from reaching their full potential. These kids are "AT-RISK" of being lost forever if people like you and organizations like ours don't partner together to rescue them before it's too late. Our goal is to Support 12 new youth camps annually, Provide monthly operational support for 2 new family homes and reduce the travel costs for our volunteer teams significantly.

Our Story

What happens to orphans in Ukraine when they age out of the orphanage? Every year an estimated 15,000 children will age out of the system and be evicted from orphanages all over Ukraine. 106,000 children currently live in more than 750 state institutions. 60% of the girls will enter into prostitution. 70% of the boys will turn to crime to survive. 10% of these children will commit suicide. Another 800,000+ children are refugees from the war zone. All of these children are at high-risk and with limited opportunities, they become targets of human trafficking.