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Goals & Objectives

The new school will provide a one-on-one education for the students as well as a meal everyday. Take note that this is often times the only meal that these children get during a day. The school also provides teachers that work alongside the children that make sure that they succeed because we realize how important it is that they learn rather than 'pass a test'. Luckily, all of these kids want to learn and grow in their faith, but they don't have the money to pay the local school fees which include new uniforms as well as supplies. Most of these children also lack a role model in their life that they can lean on for encouragement in their faith as well as their education. The crazy part… building this school is 100% possible through this change giving app that has given every person with a debit card and a caring heart the chance to make a real difference in the world. This is absolutely life changing for the kids that will be going to this school. It will give them a leg up in life as these students are equipped with the skills to get a good paying job so they can provide for their families. Without education, the average Zambian worker will make five dollars/day working sunrise to sunset. This is due to the large amount of uneducated people desperate for work. Knowledge is power and allows for a better job that pays more money. A lot of the students will be the first person in their family to get a real education. I don't know about you, but I think that is pretty incredible!! If you are inspired to get on board with us as we build these kids a school, download the app and tell all of your friends about it! Get them excited to help make the future brighter for these children too! If they use the excuse that they don't have enough money, realize that it's possible to donate as little as ten dollars a month from spare change! That amount times 500 people for one month will change lives in a very real way for a child that survives on less than one dollar a day. Thank you in advance for joining our movement as we show these Zambia children what truly selfless love looks like!

Our Story

TheTimeTravlrs are a team of DJs from around the world that have decided to make a difference in the lives of Zambian children. How? By raising $5,000 to build a new school so that 25 children get an education and are finally able to break free from the poverty gap. Why Zambia Africa? Mark, a team member of the DJ group, lives in Zambia and has family there now that are doing missionary work in a very big way. They are working through a nonprofit company called Enright Flight Ministries which was started in 1992 by some of the very first missionaries in southern central Africa, who happen to have been Mark's grandparents!